Sometimes, when we are curious and want to discover new things, we need curators or investigators to lead the way. I decided to collect here some interesting podcasts or websites of colleagues and organisations who are doing just that. For myself as a reference and inspiration, and for others to enjoy as well. If you feel there are podcasts / websites / channels that should be added to this list, please let me know. 

Tentative Affinities

One of my favourite podcasts is Tentative Affinities, a podcast by the late Bob Gilmore. Bob was such a sweet and smart and funny man, and I am happy we can still listen to his voice and follow his tentative affinities here

Sound and Music 

Sound and Music is the national charity for new music in the UK. Their mission is to maximise the opportunities for people to create and enjoy new music. They have a small but interesting podcast selection here. 

Deutschlandfunk Kultur 

Not available on the bigger podcast platforms, but they have their own app: DLF Audiothek. Otherwise go to the website and have a look at the Sendungen. New music can be found, amongst others, in Neue Musik and Interpretationen. (In German) 

Excuse The Mess

A young podcast maker, Ben Corrigan, who's fresh look (and ear) is to be found here.

At Home With Ilan Volkov

During the lockdown following the COVID-19 virus outbreak, Ilan Volkov was stuck in his home in Tel Aviv, where he started a radio show playing (and talking about) stuff from his vast collection of music, ranging from contemporary music to field recordings to free impro. To be found here


Belanna has a couple of YouTube channels with a great selection of new music recordings. One of his channels, and a good place to start, is here


Database of the Austrian Ö1 programme "Zeit-Ton". As they put it themselves: "Traveling between many different musical worlds, we are always on the trail of the new, always looking for the sound adventures, whether in the concert hall, club, museum, public space, musical theater, in the gallery or at festivals." There website is here